after what feels like literally the longest week of my life working on it my marauder’s map dress for leakycon is DONE!! as a side note, i literally never want to use another fine point sharpie in my life.


This is beyond amazing and inspiring.

This is so so pretty, and in its beauty and the obvious hard work and dedication put into its beauty are clearly representative of Leakycon itself. Obviously I can never go, but I am SO PROUD of my beautimous friends Maureen Johnson and Robin Wasserman for running such a fantastic thing, in which everything runs smoothly and beautifully but in an individual and loving way, and I think all the authors going are amazingly fabulous (go to Malinda Lo and Alaya Dawn Johnson’s panellation! and Holly Black will teach you how to fix your book!). So: LOVELY. Everyone going to Leakycon please enjoy yourselves, get lots of books, and prepare to be dazzled by wonders.

This is AMAZING. And I am so excited to go to LeakyCon!!

From the Agents of SHIELD Blooper Reel

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Chris Pratt interrupts the interview to french braid intern’s hair x

How is this so hot…?


Today makes two weeks in Leicester, during which the weather has been as hot or hotter than it was in Santa Monica, something I did not see coming. But otherwise it’s been quite nice.

I got into Leicester pretty late on Thursday and then John and I headed to Peterborough on Friday to visit his family. Saturday involved home cooked meals and surprisingly little jet lag, and then on Sunday we took…

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1939 newsreel featuring bowlers in San Francisco

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wow, look at that hot greaser I mean damn son- 
wait. waaaait. Is that Leonard Nimoy? 
You be your sweet ass that’s Leonard Nimoy
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Joss Whedon Makes More ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

Someone summoned Joss on Twitter and wished for more Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then this happened!

Next stop Gatwick

Today is my last day in Santa Monica. In a few hours I head off to LAX and a ten and a half hour flight to England!

It’s been a fun week, I got to see my family and spend an extremely American Fourth of Julywatching fireworks and dancing with my little niece. I had always thought I just wasn’t particularly interested in fireworks, but it turns out when you have nice weather and clear skies rather…

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Firefly Panel Q&A at Dallas Comic Con | May 18, 2014

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